Welcome to the Academic Challenge!  The Panther Academic Challenge is a program for students to challenge themselves and be rewarded for learning outside of school. Our goal is to foster a love of learning and exploration of topics that might not be covered in the classroom.  The expectation is that students participating in the Panther Academic Challenge are going above and beyond the already high expectations at Spiritridge.  Students can earn ribbons and medals for participating in Spiritridge PTSA activities, pursuing outside interests, and doing good for their bodies and communities.

In order to earn a trophy, students must complete activities in 6 out of the 8 categories.  If students complete activities in all 8 categories, they can earn the Principal's Medal!  STUDENTS MUST COMPLETE THE COMMUNITY SERVICE REQUIREMENT TO EARN EITHER THE TROPHY OR THE PRINCIPAL'S MEDAL!  All Academic Challenge forms must be turned in using the provided folder to the Main Office by May 24. 

The required Final Trophy Submission form is ready and must be completed by May 24th!


  • Art (Participate in One)
    • Reflections Art Contest - Fall 2018 - Submit a qualifying artwork to the Reflections contest.
    • Arts and Crafts Fair - Dec 2018 - Create and sell items at the Arts & Crafts Fair.  Remember, participation in this event is not guaranteed - space is limited.  You must follow all requirements of the event to participate, and space may not allow all interested students to sell their products.
    • Arts/Music Lessons - If you participate in outside Art or Music classes or performing groups, you can earn credit.  Please submit a program from a recital or show with your student's name in it, or complete the form.  The form requires documentation of at least five hours of participation, as well as a signature from the teacher or conductor.
  • Culture
    • Multicultural Night - Spring 2019 - In order to earn credit for this, you must follow all rules of participation.  You can either perform, participate in the fashion show, create a board for the parade of nations, and/or complete the paper doll assignment.  If your entry does not meet minimum requirements, or if you have not registered as required with the event, it will not be accepted for Academic Challenge credit.  ENTRIES THAT HAVE BEEN ENTERED IN PREVIOUS YEARS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED!
  • Science
    • Science Fair - Spring 2019 - Complete an experiment and create a presentation on the results.
    • Egg Drop - Spring 2019 - Submit an egg container that can survive an elevated drop. Hopefully the egg does, too.
  • Community Service - Required Entry
  • Literature
  • Technology
  • Math
  • Wellness
    • Be Active!  Submit 5 hours of a physical activity.  Log the time.  This log must be turned in using the provided folder by May 24.



We will set a time and date for the awards presentations in the spring. Parents are welcome to attend.


You can find a flyer with information here.  There are new requirements for some of the challenges this year, so it will be important to read all directions.   Stay tuned for more information and sign-ups!

Sign Up Packet Link - New Registrations are now closed.

Final Trophy Submission Form - Due May 24th!

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