Does your family like to eat out?  Do you shop on line for gifts or services?  Using SCRIP you can do these things while raising money for Spiritridge.  

Through our SCRIP program you can purchase gift cards for a wide variety of popular restaurants and stores.  Spiritridge automatically receives a rebate on your purchase.  

***If you are just looking to pay for your Scrip order (you've already printed out or filled out the paper order form), click here.  Otherwise, keep reading for more information.***

What Is Scrip?

Scrip is a fundraiser where you purchase gift cards, and Spiritridge receives a portion of that sale. These are the same gift cards and certificates that you buy at the store. You can use Scrip gift cards to purchase everyday expenses like food, clothing, and other essentials, and with every purchase, you earn money for Spiritridge.

  • SCRIP program - Back to School 2018:  Program Overview and Order Form
  • Reload: Don’t toss that gift card— Reload it! When you use the Reload option on, you can add funds to existing gift cards purchased through our program instead of waiting for a new card.
  • ScripNow: ScripNow® eCards are electronic gift cards that can be ordered and printed right from your ShopWithScrip® account or sent via email— perfect in those last-minute situations!
  •  PrestoPay: Pay for your scrip gift cards online with PrestoPay™, the convenient payment system available on

How do I order?
There are two ways to order:

1. Fill out the attached order form, and return it to school with your check or credit card payment receipt

(pay with Credit Card at Check out the website, for even

more retailers than are on the order form and you can order those too!

2. Order online at Use Enrollment code BB9169BF7956. You have to set up a

free family account, and once that is done, you can order from the entire selection online. (Look on the

back of this sheet for instructions.) There are three ways to pay with this option: 1. use PrestoPay which

takes funds directly from your checking account, or 2. Go to Purchasing and pay through the website. There is a small credit card fee for this option. Just send in a copy of your receipt with the

order form, or 3. Send in a check with a copy of the order from to school.

3. When the order comes in, I place your cards in an envelope, and send them home with your student.

Other arrangements can be made if necessary. Spiritridge is not responsible for lost cards.


Please contact Allison George for questions:

(425) 223-5388


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