Pass the hat is our largest fundraiser of the year. This year our goal is $86,000!!

A message from Scott Hetherington, our Principal, about this fundraiser.
Here's what some of our teachers have to say about the importance of Grade Support Admins (GSA's) to our school which is made possible by your donation.

Mrs. Holthaus : "Our GSA Bonnie Horton, is amazing. She’s been working with us for four years now and knows our curricula very well. Bonnie meets with kids every day. She provides additional support to kids who need a boost, whether the boost is big or small, consistent or every once in a while. During a typical school year, Bonnie would lead the ‘grammar station’ during our literacy station rotations while I was doing guided reading groups. This was one way she got to know all the kids and be yet another positive adult relationship for our students. Kids would often ask to “work with Mrs. Horton” even when they didn’t need support. They just like being with her. Bonnie also supported with writing and writing conferences, which I would not have been able to get through without her help. Our kids need her!"

Mrs. Schaefer: "Arleen Nieman is amazing! She supports my class during whole group instruction by helping me with student behavior and increasing student engagement. She loves to provide extra ideas or insight when we are working on a writing task. Arleen attends all our grade level planning meetings and is always reaching out to us with games, activities, or other things we can do with our students. Arleen is also doing one-on-one support with some of our readers who need extra support. She plans the lessons together with us and reports back after the lesson so we can adapt our practices. She is  a vital part of the second grade team!"

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Thank you for your support in raising critical funds for our students and teachers!


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