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The Panther Post is our weekly newsletter. The Post is intended to give you need-to-know-now information in an easy to read format about the upcoming week including events, school and district news. Our mailing list is 100% private, and is never used for anything but PTSA e-mails.  If you have questions, comments please email  

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Submitting an article to the Panther Post
Before you submit to the upcoming Panther Post:  
  1. Does your submission concern a PTSA sponsored event or an official school activity?
  2. Is your submission advertising for a district sponsored/approved activity? 
If you answered yes to either question, email with your information.
The deadline for submitting articles is Wednesday by noon to be included in Friday's publication.
Spiritridge PTSA official policy electronic communication policy
We will advertise for official PTSA events, non-profit and government agencies and district-approved programs only. Spiritridge PTSA does not endorse these notices and will include them for information only.

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