Science fair takes place during science week. Science week activities are available to all students, from kindergarten to grade 5. Science week is one of the ways that we establish a strong sense of academic community at Spiritridge.


When is the Science Fair?

May 17th, 2022

When is the Registration Deadline?

May 15th, 2022

When are Projects Due?
9am May 17th, 2022
What is the purpose of Science Fair?
Spiritridge students have the opportunity to participate in the annual science fair at Spiritridge. Students conduct scientific experiments according to the scientific method, and report their findings in a formal standalone (tri-fold display board) presentation. The science fair is a great opportunity for students to formally present those projects, to feel a sense of accomplishment for their work and to learn from each other. 
Is Science Fair Required?

All Spiritridge students can participate, from kindergarten through grade 5. Science fair is mandatory for grade 5 general education students.

Science fair is also an optional component of the Academic Challenge.

Is there guidance on good topics?

The best topics, or really good questions, are ones that the student is interested in and can be tested independently by a student in a relatively short time frame with relatively unsophisticated equipment. Topics such as “the solar system” or “when will the heat death of the universe occur?” are not good topics, because they are either not bounded by a specific question or require equipment (and potentially a lot of time) that is unlikely to be available to students.

How should my Student Approach his/his Project?

Students are expected to use the scientific method for their project. Details will be provided later. In practical terms, that means:

  • Ask a scientific question
  • Make a hypothesis (AKA “educated guess”)
  • Design and execute an experiment that should answer that question
  • Objectively observe the results of the experiment
  • Write up the question, the hypothesis, the experiment, the observations and the conclusion (was the hypothesis right? Why/why not?)

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