Executive Board Officer Descriptions


Our mission as a PTSA is to ensure that every child’s potential is a reality by committing to work together to provide a powerful voice for children, provide relevant resources for families, and advocate for the education and well-being of every child.

Each of these positions can be co-positions, shared by two people.


    • Preside at all meetings or designate a presiding officer; plan meeting agendas with input from other officers, committee chairs, directors and membership.
    • Serve as an ex-officio member of all PTSA committees (except the nominating committee).   
    • Be familiar with the work of every committee and offer assistance and guidance, when needed. 
    • Communicate regularly with the officers and committee members.  
    • Present new program and item funding requests to the Executive Committee.   
    • Attend monthly Council meetings or assign others to attend on his/her behalf.   
    • Communicate Council information to the Board, Executive Committee and general membership on a regular basis.   
    • Inform Bellevue Council and State PTA of the names, addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses of the newly elected officers in July.  
    • Ensure that all elected officers attend at least one mandatory annual training as required in the WSPTSA Uniform Bylaws, including at least one of whom must attend PTSA and the Law, to remain in good standing.  
    • Co--sign all binding agreements (rentals, facility contracts, entertainment contracts, government documents, etc.) and be on the bank signature card.   
    • Be aware of all PTSA and business deadlines, such as membership dues, registration for workshops, conferences, award applications, corporate reports and IRS filings.  
    • Communicate the business of the PTSA to the school principal, staff, and community at large. 


    • Take notes at all PTSA meetings and develop the meeting minutes.  
    • Determine if a quorum is present, keep attendance sheets, and call a meeting to order in the  absence of the president.  
    • Seek approval and revisions to the minutes at each following meeting. Post unapproved and approved minutes as established by the Executive Committee.  
    • Maintain the PTSA calendar.  
    • Keep one copy of the PTSA legal documents.  
    • Keep a roster of all committee chairpersons, board positions, and executive committee members.  
    • Write correspondence at the request of the President.   


    • Collect and deposit all monies raised by the PTSA. Disburse monies according to the approved annual budget. Keep accurate and detailed records of all transactions.  
    • Balance all bank accounts monthly.  
    • Submit a monthly financial report to the Executive Committee and the general membership.  
    • Maintain the legal documents workbook. 
    • File annual corporation report and annual charitable solicitation report with the State of Washington.  
    • File annual IRS form 990 or equivalent, and forms W-2 or 1099-Misc. tax statements when applicable.  
    • Ensure the appropriate levels of liability and property insurance are purchased annually.   
    • Submit payments to Council, Regional and State PTSA organizations, including membership fees and scholarship funds.   
    • Actively monitor PTSA financial instruments to maximize interest income.   
    • Actively manage corporate matching accounts and requests.  
    • Convene a financial review committee as established in the PTSA Standing Rules.  
    • Ensure payment for all elected officers to attend mandatory annual trainings as provided by the WSPTSA, inclusive of PTSA and the Law. 


    • Coordinate the timely dissemination of PTSA information via the weekly e-news, website, newsletter and other media as determined by the Executive Committee, with input from board members, committee chairs, school staff and general membership.  
    • Oversee the publication of the annual Student Directory.  
    • Actively oversee and/or maintain the PTSA website to ensure information is up-to-date and well-organized. 


The VP of Fundraising works to develop long-term plans for fundraising activities.  This person works to build relationships and explore new fundraising ideas. 

    • Coordinate the planning and execution of approved fundraising activities with the fundraising committee chairs. These activities include the annual walkathon, bi-annual auction, EZ-Money programs, Yearbook and t-shirt sales, among others as determined by the annual PTSA budget.  
    • Recommend fundraising goals for each proposed or approved fundraising activity.  
    • Review the effectiveness of existing fundraising programs and recommend whether to continue them.  
    • Look for alternative fundraising activities and develop a fundraising activity plan in coordination with the Executive Committee. 
    • Attend WA State PTA Training Courses: “PTA & the Law” and “Money Matters”


The VP of Programs shall oversee and/or organize assemblies, enrichment activities, and community-building events.  Ideally, VP of Programs will manage chairpersons for the majority of these events, and will coordinate activities from an overall programmatic standpoint over the course of the year. 

    • Coordinate the planning and execution of all approved programs with the program committee chairs. This includes, but may not be limited to, establishing dates, ensuring that program chairs have adequate support, communicating budgets, and ensuring that programs are carried out according to the expectations of the Executive Committee.  
    • Regularly update the Executive Committee and general membership on the activities of the program-based committees.  
    • Help those with ideas of new programs in the development of that program as directed by the Executive Committee.  
    • Bring to the attention of the President appropriate and pertinent programs from other organizations including other schools, WSPTSA or the National PTSA that may be of interest to the general membership. 



    • Oversee and support the classroom room partners to distribute information about events & programs and recruit volunteers for these programs.
    • Create a new family welcome postcard to give families information about how to find us and get involved. 
    • Coordinate volunteers for school events such as: school picture day, vision and hearing screening.  
    • Follow up with volunteers to ensure proper background checks are in place and valid.  
    • Help recruit a membership committee that reflects a diverse population.  
    • Work with committee to set a yearly membership goal. Plan membership campaigns. 
    • Arrange and advertise membership benefits.  
    • Enroll in the WSPTA membership database all members with a paid membership for the current year.  
    • Maintain accurate membership records.  


For more than 100 years, PTA has advocated for the health, safety, welfare, and education of all children and youth and provided support to members so that they can speak with a powerful voice and be a relevant resource for parents. 

    • Review the WSPTA Top 5 Legislative Priorities (2-year cycle) and get familiar with the WSPTA resolutions and principles.  
    • Collaborate with Bellevue PTSA Council and community allies such as Bellevue School District and Bellevue Education Association on legislative efforts before / during the Legislative session. 
    • Sign up for WSPTA Action Alerts and share WSPTA advocacy efforts in weekly PTSA newsletters so members are aware and describe how they can get involved. Encourage members to sign up for Action Alerts.  
    • Attend the Fall WSPTA Legislative Assembly in the fall (usually October), if possible.  
    • Listen / ask our PTSA community if there are any school issues to advocate for? (school or neighborhood safety? recess support? lunch lines? academic / extracurricular support?) 


    • Coordinate the planning and execution of PTSA hospitality events, including Back to School Meal for Teachers, Back to School Coffee, Teacher Appreciation Week   
    • Coordinate monthly teacher luncheon sponsored by donations from grade level families 
    • Provide general membership meeting hospitality.   
    • Coordinate Right At School childcare for meetings.  





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